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Duval County Courthouse gets 100th birthday bash

By Krista M. Torralva of the Caller-Times Nearly every resident in Duval County has a connection to the courthouse, whether it be they’re a history buff or their marriage or birth records are stored there.

Duval County Courthouse Centennial

A historical land mark in Duval County that is recognized by residents as the seat of county government for Duval County, where almost everyone has a connection. On Tuesday, the residents of Duval County celebrated the Courthouse Centennial with tours of the courthouse, a reception and guest speakers on the history of the county.

‘Balo’s War’ captures Tejanos’ plan for South Texas revolution

By Dr. Manuel Flores, Special to the Caller-Times ‘Balo’s War’ captures Tejanos’ revolutionary plan In the early 20th century there was a revolution in South Texas that pitted Mexican American citizens against the encroaching Anglo population settling in the area.

 Novel shines new light on little-known Texas manifesto

Author will share details in book signing at Robstown Area Historical Museum It is a movement that has received little attention in Texas history books, but its impact was felt across the state. The Plan of San Diego called for taking five southwestern states from the U.S. and forming a new nation.