Tejano Civil Rights Museum

Here is the talk given by Jose Angel Gutierrez at the dedication of the Tejano Civil rights Museum in Corpus Christi on May 4, 2014. He is competing with the birds chirping away but he is audible. Below is a photo album of the event.

I did not stay to tour the museum; waiting to do that when there isn’t too much of a crowd. The museum is located in the Grande-Grossman House in Heritage Park in Corpus Christi. It will include the following exhibits:

  • Founders Room, dedicated to those who helped make the museum possible;
  • Heroes Room, displaying Tejano heroes who have made a difference in he civil rights of Mexican Americans;
  • Map Room, displaying maps showing the development of Texas and south Texas over the past 300 years.;
  • Flag Room, displaying the flags that have flown over Texas; and
  • Art Gallery Room, displaying some of the art work associated with south Texas and he Mexican and Tejano culture.

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  1. Thank you Alfredo for your support. Please let Dr manuel Flores know if you want to have a private viewing some time in the future.

    The Tejano museum will have another event in June. Keep the Tejano and south Texas history alive!

  2. Thank you. I will. Where can I reach him and what tim is the museum open to the public?

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