Flores family tree

Following is the Flores family tree shared with us by Eddie Garcia. The Flores family were the original grantees of the San Diego de Arriba and San Diego de Abajo land grants.

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  1. Alfredo this is a very interesting document. It verifies, for me, that my ancestors were a part of the founding of S.D.. I am, however, puzzled by the reference to Ma. Teodora Ibanez seemingly as daughter to Ma. Merced and Jose Antonio Ibanez. The relationships are very difficult to reconcile based on this document due to the many cross references and annotations. In all of my documentation of the Ybanez/Ibanez family genealogy there is no reference to Ma. Teodora as being an issue from Ma. Merced and Jose Antonio. Perhaps the reference, as I am interpreting, is not accurate? In all other aspects this is a most welcome addition the the history of San Diego. My thanks and appreciation for your work. Mil Gracias!!

  2. Joe, the document was provided by Eddie Garcia and perhaps he can clarify your question. I will forward your comment to him. Thank you for your continued support for my blog.

  3. Joe,
    Eddie sent me a file on the Ibanez family. He said" The Ibanez lineage is not only connected with the Flores Family who were heirs of the San Diego Land Grant, but also have a direct lineage to Governor Alonzo de Leon and Explorer of Texas. I am a direct descendant of Alonzo de Leon and his brother Antonio de Leon.

    In an attempt to honor the request for clarification I am forwarding Ibanez lineages, also some lineages that Joe Ibanez might be interested in seeing. I have compiled for personal use and quick reference multiple lineages of my ancestors. The Flores, Ibanez, and my DeLeon line share mutual ancestors with each other.
    You can see his document in the following link. If you have problems, let me know.

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