Voters in 1860 election gold mine for genealogists

In 1860, 315 men voted in the first election in what would become Duval County. The poll list offers a gold mine for genealogists to search for ancestors. Below is the list of voters with this caveats: 1) while the handwriting of the election judge is fairly readable compared to the 1860 census taker, there are still some names that are not clearly decipherable and 2) the spelling of names were sometimes changed to comply with the more common spelling of that name.
I have done my best to transcribe this list but offer no guarantees as to its complete accuracy. Keep in mind also, that many of these individuals were challenged in court. Some of the challenges indicated that the men did not live in the San Diego or Agua Poquita but were from Mexico. Other challenges claimed that some individuals did not exist at all. Clearly many names are verifiable in the historic record and many others are recognizable in the area today so the likelihood is that they were real voters.
Perhaps some were not from the area, but that is not the point here where I offer them as possible genealogical nuggets. Enjoy!
Poll Book of the election held in Precinct No. Nine, County of Nueces, on the sixth day of August, A.D. 1860:
Charles Lovenskiold
Ricardo Miller
Eduardo Gray
Félix A. Blucher
Ruperto Longoria
Ramón Cantú
Antonio Gonzales
Cayetano López
Antonio María García
Jesús Pérez
Juan Arredondo
Ignacio Guzmán
Juan Gonzales
Antonio Arguijo
Nicolás Pena
Julián Hinojosa
Pedro Galindo
Telesforo Pena
Jacinto Salinas
Basilio Pérez
Juan Gonzales
Eugenio Rivera
Cayetano Ríos
Anselmo Ríos
Servando Ibarra
Rafael Salinas
Juan Sáenz
Claudio Vela
José María Espinoza
Diego Rivera
Asunacio (?) Hernández
Juan Bautista(?) Gonzales
Marcos Pérez
Miguel de los Santos
Javier(?) Ríos
Macario Estrada
Eulalio Canales
Polinancio (?) Olivares
Mauricio Góngora
Anastasio Guadiana(?)
Francisco García
Francisco Bazán
Teodoro Vela
José María González
Antonio Martínez
Francisco Pérez
Ramón Solís
Pedro López
Jesús Serna
Segundo Carrión
Juan Garza
Félix Vela
Simón Treviño
Jesús Solís
Cecilio Balerío
Eusebio Charles
Valente Pérez
Encarnación García
Alejo Pérez
Ildefonso Charles
Néstor Vásquez
Ángel Arguijo
Francisco Charles
Antonio López
Julián Ramírez
Pedro Balerío
Ignacio Balderas
Juan Treviño
Benito Regalado
Cristóbal Aguayo
Felipe García
Epifanio Rodríguez
José María Guzmán
José María Salas
Vicente García
Domingo Salazar
José María G. Pérez
Juan Ramos
Dionisio Arguijo
Antonio Gonzales
Juan Recio
Romaldo Martínez
Andrés de León
Marcelino de la Cruz
Juan Balderas
Pablo Garza
Anastasio Pérez
Manuel Pérez
Faustino Arambulo
Dionisio Mendieta
José María Rodríguez
Juan Lugano (?)
Rafael Laureles
José María Guzmán
Refugio Guzmán
Brigidio Flores
Jesús Arguijo
Juan Antonio Hinojosa
Joaquín Gutiérrez
Pedro Garza
Luis García
Rafael García
Bruno (?) Figueroa
Gabino González
Lázaro Pena
Timoteo Velásquez
Antonio Solís
José María Cavazos
Juan Álvarez
Eleuterio Barrera
Juan Hinojosa
Dionisio Salinas
Manuel Bazán
Luciano Balderas
Antonio Vera
Manuel Rodríguez
Rafael Amaya
Juan Sánchez
Juan Rodríguez
Rafael Serna
Leandro Barrera
Pedro Arredondo
Rafael de León
Francisco López
Cecilio Ramos
Luis Carrión
José María Saláis
José María García
Luis Hinojosa
Félix Benavides
Urbano Hinojosa
Dolores Hinojosa
Urciro (?) Rangel
Macedonio Rangel
Antonio Rangel
Jesús Rangel
Encarnación Salas
Gabriel Rangel
Cecilio Rangel
Agapito López
Rafael Barrera
Antonio Morales
José María Lozano
Francisco Ríos
Antonio Castro
Pedro Ríos
Antonio Garza
Andrés Guajardo
Tomas Zamora
Santos Vela
Benito Ramos
George Moya
Miguel Hoffman
Pedro García
Julián García
Teodoro Hinojosa
David H. Sloss (?)
Martin Guerra
Francisco Zambrano
Candelario Arredondo
Francisco Moya
Crispín Flores
Anselmo Salas
Manuel Balderas
Dolores Valdez
Antonio Franco (?)
Francisco Alvarado
Anselmo de León
Roque Vásquez
Guillermo Garza
Cándido Maldonado
Ventura Vela
Justo Vela
Esteban Vela
Manuel Guerra (?)
Marcelo Ramírez
Candelario Gonzales
Carlos Guerra
Eleuterio Olivares
Thomas S. Parker
Santiago Ramos
Arcarío Olivares
Santos Ramírez
Roque Salazar
Cayetano Molina
Luz García
Félix Barrera
Juan Pena
Cesario Garza
Juan Garza Zarabid(?)
Felipe Balerío
Felipe Olivares
Estanislado Ibáñez
Felipe Cantú
José María Ibáñez
Félix Adame
Juan Gonzales
Rafael M. López
Cecilio López
Viviano López
Pedro Reyna
Antonio Maria Guerrero
Felipe Guerra
Julián Guerra
Jesús Guerra
Miguel López
Rafael García
Juan Nicolás Ibáñez
Luciano Reséndez
Manuel Reséndez
Gregorio Barrera
Timoteo Villarreal
Evaristo Canales
Dionisio Moya
Evaristo López
Benito Gonzales
Gumersindo Vela
Juan D. Lozano
Sabas de la Garza
Francisco Altamirano
Rafael Martínez
Cipriano (?) Guerra
Gabriel Elizondo
José María Bazán
Eleuterio Sáenz
Hilario García
Quirino (?) Lopez
Cayetano Villarreal
Narciso Paz
Alejo Saldívar
Vicente García
José María Valdez
Sabas Fuentes
Antonio Mireles
Modesto Garza
Ramón Buentea (?)
Julio Guevara
Norberto Salazar
Teófolo Gil
Agustín R. Treviño
Julián López
Jesús Adame
Agustín Guenlis (?)
Cayetano Bermúdez
Antonio Bazán
Carlos Bazán
Guadalupe Bazán
José Ángel Molina
Juan Rosa
Víctor Rodríguez
Juan López
Andrés Vargas
Secundino (?) Cantú
Leocadio Salinas
Ignacio Cantú
Bartolo Flores
José María Salinas
Juan Espinosa
Rafael Hinojosa
Poluianci (?) Cuellar
Agustín Garza
Jorge Alanís
Teléforo Balderas
Antonio Días
Jesús Paderes
Fabián Gutiérrez
Juan P. De la Garza
Bonifacio Valle
Museslado (?) García
Ricardo Villareal
José A. García
Teodosio Sandoval
Santiago Rodríguez
Joaquín Vela
José María Ramírez
Jorge Flores
Marco Rubio
Juan Antonio García
Jesús Silvas
Antonio Cantú
Antonio Ramírez
José María Cantú
Francisco Altamira
Antonio Balderas
José María Herrera
Camilo Balboa
Berman Montalvo
Luciano Ramos
Santiago Canales
Agapito Muñoz (?)
Julián Leal
Antonio Cerda
Nicanor Divina (?)
Antonio Pérez
Máximo Rodríguez
Juan Vela García
Severo Musquis
Rafael Quintana
Rafael Hernández
Librado Vela
Gerónimo Hernández
Pablo Garza Guerra
Rafael Vela
Antonio (?) Acosta
Elogio Adame
Norberto Navarro
Cleto Vega
Pablo Rosas
Policasio (?) López
Francisco Cantú
Felipe Moreno
Ramón Hernández
Eduardo Guerra
Narciso Olivares
Ildefonso Pérez


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  1. Alfredo mll gracias, amigo! I have been trying to pin down the earliest date that I can place the Ibanez clan in San Diego and I believe that this is excellent documentation for that. I will note this in my genealogical repository. You are absolutely right – it's a genealogical treasure trove! Well done!

  2. Glad this helped with your search. I don't know if I mentioned but my wife is an Ibanez and she recognized some of the names as possible ancestors too.

  3. Seriously! Wow. Well in that list there is also an Agustin R. Treviño whose name is identical to my maternal grandfather's name, which my mother always contended, that they had the same name. So it's a double yahoo for me!!! I wish I had access to the copy of the original voter list. Some of the names are close, to what ancesty and US census documents show, but not exactly. So I am intrigued. BTW which Ibanez clan is your wife a descendant?

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