1860 Census of San Diego

For those of you who are interested in genealogical research, here are some direct links to the 1860 Census of Nueces County, which includes San Diego and Agua Poquita in what would become Duval County. There are some other communities in the area that may be of interest.

Please keep in mind that the handwriting of the census taker is hard to read and that the microfilm of the original papers also makes it hard to read. This transcription was done for the USGenWeb Census Project and they and I cannot vouch for the complete accuracy in transcription.


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  1. Now that you mention Mr. Pharr, I remember going with my parents to the voting polls in Alice, Texas, when I was about 8 or 9 years old. A car stopped and the driver offered my parents money and a ride. My mother said no and told him off saying that their votes were not for sale. I found out years later that that was the year of the Box 13 which became a historical black eye for the district.

  2. Interesting story. Thanks for sharing it.

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