Alfredo E. Cárdenas is the author of
Balo’s War, A Novel About the Plan of San baloswarcoverfrontDiego,
which tells the story of the 1915 Tejano uprising in South Texas, which changed the history of the area.

He has extensive knowledge on the history of South Texas and is available for speaking engagements. He can tailor talks to your group’s needs.

To see if he is available email him at

Noted Tejano historian Arnoldo de Leon says this about the author and Balo’s War.

arnoldodeleonAs do the short stories and novels identified with (among others) Rolando Hinojosa-Smith and Américo Paredes, Cárdenas’ tome succeeds in faithfully rendering aspects of Tejano living at the turn of the twentieth century—after all, that milieu has shaped him. He portrays characters as strong and self-assured figures who maintain composure and confidence while wrestling against life’s vicissitudes…Cárdenas emerges as a master story teller gifted with a writer’s touch and a vivid imagination. The novel should sell well to the public at large. At the university level, professors might opt for its adoption in lieu of a scholarly text. (Read Dr. De Leon’s complete review.)