Confirming land titles was not an easy process

Confirmation of land titles during the early days of Texas involved a complicated process. The King of Spain made many land grants in South Texas prior to Mexico gaining its independence. During Mexican sovereignty, the…

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1835-36 saw a number of grants made in Duval

On October 15, 1835 Don Jose Antonio Gonzalez, a citizen of Camargo complied with requirements of the Colonization Law in regards to La Huerta grant, which was located in the jurisdiction of Camargo. He paid…

This is not Company C, but they depict the Texas Rangers from this time period.

Ranger force kept busy in Duval County

In 1887, the area around Duval County was still a frontier region and the governor sent Company C of the Frontier Battalion of the Texas Rangers to the new town of Collins to keep watch….


Who was St. Francis de Paula?

In a Facebook post in support of National Catholic Schools Week this week I wrote that I learned to write at St. Francis de Paula Catholic School in San Diego. Indeed, many of my contemporaries and older…